Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mounful Congregation

I decided since I wasn't really updating the blog that much to give it to someone else. The person I gave it to is the guy who posted the two albums below me. I plan on just splitting the duties between us and that way much more music will be posted and at a much faster rate.

Anyway, here's a release I really like. Slow, depressing, cold, and powerful funeral doom.

The Monad of Creation
  1. Mother - Water, The Great Sea Wept
  2. As I Drown In Loveless Rain
  3. When the Weeping Dawn Beheld Its Mortal Thirst
  4. The Monad of Creation

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Symbiosis - Passages

In my time I have tried a lot of different ambient. Some was very boring, and some was just too unbearable, but this is what I have been searching for. This is a truly beautiful album, soft beautiful majestic synths take you into a state of relaxation. Completely instrumental like I like my ambient and full of other nice elements to add to the experience.

Passages (2006)

01 Prelude (02:33)
02 Silent Snow In A December Night (15:46)
03 Journey To Where Light Dwells (10:03)
04 Still Alone In The Path Of Life (06:39)
05 The Coldness Inside (04:22)

password - mp3db


Drudkh - Autumn Aurora

  1. Although this blog had been inactive for quite some time, it is now returning, under a new runner, and I found it fitting that I should start off with one of my very favorite albums, Autumn Aurora. Drudkh are one of my very favorite metal bands. And this album truly shows the beautiful atmosphere they create, with simple yet mesmerizing riffs, superb vocals everything blends together to create Drudkhs' most atmospheric release of all time, highly recommended for all.

Autumn Aurora (2004)

2.Summoning the Rain05:41
3.Glare of Autumn05:09
5.Wind of the Night Forests09:58
6.The First Snow09:10


Friday, September 7, 2007

Von - Satanic Blood

Probably one of my favorite black metal releases, though a lot haven't heard it. This album is pretty much madness and is not for the one who're more into the tame side of black metal. Download this if you want some warfare.

  1. Devil Pig
  2. Veinen
  3. Watain
  4. Lamb
  5. Veadfuck
  6. Satanic Blood
  7. Christ Fire
  8. Von

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Best Basilisk album out.
  1. Breakers of Wills
  2. Night of Terror
  3. Murder
  4. I Rule Depression
  5. Death
  6. The Master's Eye


Greetings again! Sorry for the absence, I merely almost forgot about running the blog and got side tracked with a lot of other information. Not to fear, though, I'll be checking in every few days to update it as much as I can.

Personally, I'm not too much of a Drudkh fan, though I think a lot would like to hear their new album.

Estrangement (2007)
  1. Solitary Endless Path
  2. Skies at Our Feet
  3. Where Horizons End
  4. Only the Wind Remembers My Name

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Fans of Peste Noire/Alcest need to check this out. If you enjoyed the new Alcest I believe you'll like this. There's harsh and some clean vocals, but the album has very good production, has good melody, and is very emotional, which similar to Alcest releases.

Ruines Humaines EP (2006)
  1. Bonheur Amputé
  2. Ruines Humaines
  3. Faiblesse Des Sens


Pretty solid black metal

Hyperborea EP (2005)
  1. As Snow Covered The Hyperborean Soil
  2. Nordic White Desert
  3. Autumn Fires

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Awesome black metal

Vinterlandet EP
  1. Vinterlandet
  2. Call The Eternal Winter
  3. Thy Sorrow Of Asgard

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Peste Noire - Folkfuck Folie

New Peste Noire. Haven't heard it yet, but it was requested. Enjoy.

  1. L'Envol du Grabataire (Ode à Famine)
  2. Chute Pour Une Culbute
  3. La Fin Del Secle
  4. D'un Vilain
  5. Condamné à la Pondaison (Légende funèbre)
  6. La Césarienne
  7. Maleiçon
  8. Amour ne m'amoit ne je li
  9. Psaume IV
  10. Extrait Radiophonique d'Antonin Artaud
  11. Folkfuck Folie
  12. Paysage Mauvais

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Basilisk - Blackened Royalty

Blackened Royalty
  1. Blackened Royalty
  2. Cast Upon The Altar
  3. Horned Effigy
  4. Slaughter the Christian Tribe
  5. Battlefields
  6. Consumed by the Earth


Now, hopefully you all have heard of Basilisk, as he is probably the best black metal musician of our time, but here's two albums if you haven't:
  1. Deep in the Dark Whee I lay in Wait
  2. The Force Inside The Opposites
  3. Bitter
  4. Assault Of Vermin
  5. Heinous Energies (A Legion Of Hushed Voices)
  6. Open The Grave
  7. The Awakening Of Him

Paysage d'Hiver

Brand new Paysage D'Hiver.

Einsamkeit (2007)
  1. Einkehr
  2. Inneres Licht
  3. Kraft

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


New Alcest album! This album isn't due out till two more months, but it leaked today. Now, I haven't yet listened to it, but I heard it's not so much black metal. I've even heard it compared to Agalloch's The Mantle.

Souvenirs d'un autre monde
  1. Printemps Emeraude
  2. Souvenirs d'un autre monde
  3. Les Iris
  4. Ciel Errant
  5. Sur l'autre rive je t'attendrai.
  6. Tir Nan Og

Monday, June 18, 2007


This is a split between two bands; one is Akitsa, a fucking insanse Canadian black metal band, and the other is some boring-ass electronic band from New York. The split istelf is just worth it for Akitsa's side. A must to download!

  1. Akitsa - Terre Eternelle
  2. Akitsa - Goetie
  3. Prurient - Fosill

Sonne Hagal

Now, I've ran into a lot of shitty neofolk in my time, but these guys are pure perfection. They have some weak releases, but this album is by far their best. The song Anna G is fantastic.


  1. Untitled
  2. Sonnenwende
  3. Odin
  4. Anna G
  5. Zareb-agram
  6. Herbstlied
  7. Am Abend
  8. Untitled

Beherit - Drawing Down the Moon

Pure evil black metal. Low vocals.

Drawing Down the Moon
  1. Intro
  2. Soloman's Gates
  3. Nocturnal Evil
  4. Sodomatic Rites
  5. Black Arts
  6. The Gate of Nanna
  7. Nuclear Girl
  8. Unholy Pagan Fire
  9. Down There...
  10. Summerlands
  11. Werewolf Semen and Blood
  12. Thou Angels of Gods
  13. Lord of Shadows and Goldenwood

Monday, June 11, 2007


Decided to give it another go since it's rather apparent that people are actually enjoying the blog and are relying on it. :)

Monday, May 21, 2007


Pretty fucking sick. Dead's last rehearsal too.

Out From the Dark rehearsal
  1. Pure Fucking Armageddon
  2. Funeral Fog
  3. Freezing Moon
  4. Buried By Time And Dust
  5. Deathcrush
  6. Chainsaw Gutsfuck
  7. Necrolust

Friday, May 18, 2007


Tristesse Hivernale
  1. Tristesse Hivernale
  2. La Forest De Cristal
  3. En Mémoire Aux Valeureux Guerriers
  4. La Mort Plane Sur Ces Contrées Glacées

Monday, April 16, 2007

Vlad Tepes, Black Murder, Chaos, and Vladre

Black Metal

Black Legions Projects [compilation] (1995)

1. Necro Paris Catacombes - Catacombes
2. Chaos - Chaos I
3. Vladre - Vladre
4. Vlad Tepes - Massacre Song From The Devastated Land
5. Black Murder - Those Black Desires That Torment My Soul
6. Chaos - Chaos II


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Moevot - Abgzvoryathre

Dark Ambient from the amazing LLN
  1. Notre Pèrte
  2. Voultehtr Voaguprueeb
  3. In einem Friedhof - Errance
  4. Zurghtapre - Chant d'Eternité
  5. Wolken - Ma Vie
  6. Oraison
  7. Ehepr Abgzvoryaerv - Chant d'Eternité II

Password: metalarea

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Falkenbach Havamal demo (1989)

VERY rare demo (limited to 9 copies) from blackened folk project Falkenbach
  1. I
  2. II
  3. III

Monday, April 9, 2007

Old Morgul - From the Dark Streams of Night

Very rare raw Black Metal
  1. Blooddebris
  2. Dwelt in the Shadows
  3. Under the Dreary Sky

Graveland - Will Stronger Than Death

Black Metal
  1. Will Stronger Than Death
  2. Fire Dragon of Black Sun
  3. Throne of the Granite
  4. Battle of the Giants
  5. Fire and Snow
  6. Apocalypto Victoria Divina
  7. Shadows of the Past

Saturday, April 7, 2007


Black Metal (LLN)

  1. Eapr Govoperv
  2. Borarp!
  3. Voarmerpebre Uatr Vermyapreb
  4. Tsaovarya Vermyapreb
  5. Favoapr Uatr Zufelebre
  6. Oatr Bouarvtre Blehrurb
  7. Eamkl Uatrebervotremdre
  8. Eapr Vroarsgoebtr
Fuck off.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Vlad Tepes / Torgeist

Black Metal (LLN)

Torgeist's side:
  1. March of the Black Assemblies
  2. Sweet Death
  3. Flame of Hate
  4. My Soul for Your Victory
  5. Bloody Tears
  6. Time of Sabbath
Vlad Tepes' side
  1. Raven's Hike
  2. Abyssic and Funeral Symphony - An Ode to Our Ruin
  3. In Holocaust to the Natural Darkness
  4. Tepes - The Unweeping
  5. Warmoon Lord



Folk/Black Metal

Völuspa Part I - Thor's Anger
  1. Into Battle
  2. An Ode to the Raven
  3. Ymir's Death
  4. Creations
  5. Birth of Men
  6. Thor's Anger
  7. The Past

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Expired links

Sorry for all the dead links. I just updated about 5 of them, and with the help of some people I'll hopefully have them all active. : )


Swedish folk

3 demos

  1. Bergakungen
  2. Morogonstajarnan
  3. Drommornas Gator
  4. Eld
  1. Varstav
  2. Aring
  3. Huldran
  4. Jaren
  5. Bed for din Sjal
  6. Odemark
I en tid Som Var...
  1. Arv
  2. I en tid Som Var
  3. Yggdrasil
  4. Ryttaren
  5. Arv
Download all albums

Sol Invictus


Lex Talionis
  1. Blood and Wine
  2. Lex Talionis
  3. Black Easter
  4. Kneel to the Cross
  5. The Ruins
  6. Tooth and Claw
  7. Blood Against Gold
  8. Fields
  9. Abattoirs of Love
  10. Hero's Day
  11. Rex Talionis
  12. Wine and Blood


Awesome Neofolk

Sonnenwende, Ein Letztes Lied
  1. Sonnenwende
  2. Ein Letztes Lied

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Great epic Black Metal

  1. I
  2. II
  3. III

Mirkwood / Cynestole split

Great epic Black Metal

Mirkwood side:
  1. Paths of the Dead

  2. Legend

  3. The Broken Blade

Cynestole split

  1. Time and the Essence

  2. Distant Skies

  3. As the Light Fades

Friday, February 16, 2007


Zwischen Tod Und Leben
You need this album if you enjoy Rivendell, as it is one of the vocalist's projects.
  1. Die Offenbarung
  2. Am Gnadenfall
  3. Zur letzten Ruh
  4. Der ubergang
  5. Zwischen Tod und Leben
  6. Die Wiederkehr
  7. Aufbruch

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Blut Aus Nord

Black Metal

Ultima Thulee
  1. The Son of Hoarfrost
  2. The Plain of Ida
  3. From Hlidskjalf
  4. My Prayer Beyond Ginnungagap
  5. Till I Perceive Bifrost
  6. On The Way to Vigrid
  7. Rigsthula
  8. The Last Journey of Ringhorn


Melodic upbeat Folk Metal

Til Dovre Faller
  1. For Norge, Kjempers
  2. Flaumen
  3. Rolandskvadet
  4. Norge i Rødt, Hvitt og Blått 03:04
  5. Per Spelmanns Bane 01:47
  6. Svart Natt 03:21
  7. The Battle of Stiklestad 02:45

Monday, February 5, 2007

Temnozor - Horizons

NS Folk/Black Metal

  1. I Ehom Slavi, I Drevnih Klyatv
  2. Werewolf
  3. White Thunder Roars
  4. Shto Shepch'ut Kurgani, Zarnitsam Rassveta
  5. Gorizont Vesni
  6. Ledyanoy Prostor
  7. Fatherland
  8. Gorizonti

Sunday, February 4, 2007


Folk/Black Metal

  1. Byrjing (The Beginning)
  2. Arntor, ein windir (Arntor, a Warrior)
  3. Kong Hydnes Haug (The Burial Mound of King Hydnes)
  4. Svartesmeden Og Lundamyrstrollet (The Blacksmith and The Troll of Lundamyri)
  5. Kampen (The Struggle)
  6. Saknet (The Longing)
  7. Ending (Ending)

Saturday, February 3, 2007


Tama Ikuinen Talvi
  1. Taistelu Pohjolasta
  2. Vihreällä Valtaistuimella
  3. Talvi
  4. Luopion Veri
  5. Kuun Suru


Folk/Viking Metal

  1. Raunioilla
  2. Unohduksen Lapsi
  3. Jumalten Kaupunki incl. Tuhatvuotinen Perintö
  4. Kivenkantaja
  5. Tuulen Tytär incl. Soturin Tie
  6. Matkan Lopussa



Z Najg³êbszych Borów Pieœni Wam Niosê
  1. Opowiesæ O Ludziach Z Krainy Mg³y
  2. W Oparach Walki
  3. Miecze Naszych Przodków
  4. S³owianie
  5. Lament Bogów cz. II
  6. ¯yciodajna Bo¿yca
  7. Opowiesæ O Dêbowym W³adcy0
  8. Borów Szumiacych Piesñ
  9. Nad P³aczacym Jeziorem
  10. Rêce Boga
  11. Siwow³osy Jezdziec
  12. Opowiesæ O Minionym Wichrze
  13. Gdy Wichry Zamilkna
  14. Pó³nocy Spiew
  15. Opowiesæ O ¯ercy
  16. S³oñca Brzask
  17. S³owiañski Horyzont
  18. Noc
  19. Lesna Scie¿ka
  20. Droga Ku Nawi

Friday, February 2, 2007


Blackened Folk Metal

Malice in Wonderland
  1. Obsian Horizon
  2. Raventhrone
  3. Malicia the 3rd
  4. Malicegarden
  5. Ode to All Brce
  6. The Tree Faced King of Dominion one
  7. The Stargazer
  8. Crepuscule
  9. Vision Dementia
  10. Final Farewell


Dark Ambient

Elizabeth Bathory
  1. Elizabeth
  2. Virgins
  3. Curtains of Anxiety
  4. Final Verdict: Solitary Confinement

Monday, January 29, 2007

Vlad Tepes

Black Metal

War Funeral March[Demo]
  1. War Funeral March
  2. From the Celtic Moonfrost
  3. Walachian Tyrant
  4. Returning to my Old Battlegrounds
  5. Frozen Dead's Kingdom

Viscol - Din Timpuri Vechi

  1. Intrare in Domenii Deosebite
  2. O Veste De La Strabuni Spre Mandria
  3. Dacii Asupra Celtii
  4. Cand Erau Pagani
  5. Sotia Dacului
  6. ...I-a Dat Un Fiu
  7. Gandurile Negre Lui Stefan-Voda
  8. Vant Ce Rupe Brazi

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Mithotyn - In the Sign of the Ravens

Viking Metal

In the Sign of the Ravens
  1. Upon Raging Waves
  2. In the Sign of the Ravens
  3. Shadows of the Past
  4. Lost in the Mist
  5. Embraced by Frost
  6. In the Forest of Moonlight
  7. Tills Dagen Gryr
  8. Stories Carved in Stone
  9. Freezing Storms of Snow
  10. Where my Spirit Shall Forever be
  11. Let Thy Ale Swing

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Un Defi D'Honneur

Verdun 1916
  1. Reu De Verdun
  2. Tranchees Sous Bois
  3. Sur La Rive Droite
  4. Le Fort De Souville
  5. Cotes De Bellevilee
  6. En Face De La Voevre
  7. Quais De Verdun
  8. Fort De Moulainville

Friday, January 26, 2007


Folk from Italy
  1. Pentina
  2. L'an Pasat
  3. Agane
  4. E Jo Cjanti
  5. Matec Bal Da Li Fadi
  6. E Su Biel Murosa
  7. E tu Pieri
  8. Marie Madalene
  9. Il Bal Dal Siblot

Monday, January 22, 2007


  1. Rad
  2. Falken
  3. Sieben
  4. November
  5. Tinta
  6. Unicorne
  7. Karunta
  8. Gaia
  9. Zeit Nach Dem Sturm
  10. Der Stille Grund
Password: Folkbunker

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Blackened Folk Metal

Farwell - The Last Dawn
  1. Rivendell
  2. Th Fall of Gil-Galad
  3. The Old Walking Song
  4. Earendil
  5. A Drinking Song
  6. Back to Lands We Once Did Know
  7. Tinoviel


Blackened Folk Metal
The Ancient Glory
  1. Intro
  2. The King Beneath the Mountains
  3. Malbeth the Seers Words
  4. The Song of Nimrodel: Part I
  5. The Song of Nimrodel: Part II
  6. Durin's Halls
  7. Theoden
  8. Aragorn Son of Arathorn