Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Peste Noire - Folkfuck Folie

New Peste Noire. Haven't heard it yet, but it was requested. Enjoy.

  1. L'Envol du Grabataire (Ode à Famine)
  2. Chute Pour Une Culbute
  3. La Fin Del Secle
  4. D'un Vilain
  5. Condamné à la Pondaison (Légende funèbre)
  6. La Césarienne
  7. Maleiçon
  8. Amour ne m'amoit ne je li
  9. Psaume IV
  10. Extrait Radiophonique d'Antonin Artaud
  11. Folkfuck Folie
  12. Paysage Mauvais


Anonymous said...

Just when people said it had been leaked! Thanks, and not a rapidshare link, too! Well, I don't know where to request, but these are pretty rare and I can't seem to find them anywhere on the net:

Emit - Unknown Presences Whisper demo, or The Dark Bleeding EP, or even the compilation will do.

Morphée said...

thanx you very much guy
you just fuckin quick
thanx once again
stay true

Anonymous said...

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