Monday, April 16, 2007

Vlad Tepes, Black Murder, Chaos, and Vladre

Black Metal

Black Legions Projects [compilation] (1995)

1. Necro Paris Catacombes - Catacombes
2. Chaos - Chaos I
3. Vladre - Vladre
4. Vlad Tepes - Massacre Song From The Devastated Land
5. Black Murder - Those Black Desires That Torment My Soul
6. Chaos - Chaos II



Anonymous said...

Is this blog dead? I hope not :(

Mike said...

Nope, it's not. My computer was down for a while, so I didn't get a chance to upload anything. :p

It'll be updated a lot now.

Anonymous said...

le lien est mort, impossible de télécharger ce split :(

Anonymous said...

The lonk doesn't work. It keeps asking me for some ID shit.

Anonymous said...

vlad tzepesh rullzzz....he was a great leader from my country(Romania)...under his leading everything was in a perfect order,ain t about chaos,not it all,but about discipline...if you would have done something bad(like stole somth.and other worst things) you would have been impaled.yeaaahh
,so we can say he was a murder,but not a black one:))FEAR was the word said in that centuries.fear,fear,fear;)

let the black time roll!